Ericsson Collaborate to Develop More Sustainable Future Networks

E& and Ericsson Collaborate to Develop More Sustainable Future Networks

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Initiatives For Sustainable Future Networks

UAE – e& (previously known as Etisalat Group) and Ericsson will examine initiatives to lower energy consumption and construct more effective and sustainable future networks.

MoU between Ericsson & e&

Ericsson and e& agreed to a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), signed in Egypt during the UNFCCC’s 27th Conference of the Parties (COP27).

The Three-Year Partnership

The three-year partnership will look for ways to build sustainable future networks through cutting energy use and carbon emissions while supporting e& and Ericsson’s Net Zero strategy. Along with hosting a series of knowledge-sharing sessions, the businesses will work together to highlight Ericsson’s global leadership in energy-efficient initiatives like its “Breaking the Energy Curve” programme.

Carbon Footprint

Utilising Ericsson’s market-leading and environmentally friendly goods and services, e& will keep trying to reduce its carbon footprint. A potential partnership will be investigated further with Ericsson’s global product “Take-Back Programme”, which might encourage the group’s sustainable future network to dispose of electronic waste responsibly and recycle it.

The partnership highlights the significance of enhancing network energy performance to meet Net Zero targets and is a part of e&’s efforts to hasten the transition to Net Zero.

Additionally, they will cooperate in disposing of and recycling outdated network equipment by high environmental standards using the Ericsson Product Take-Back programme. This agreement is a component of e&’s more significant commitment to reducing waste and establishing a low-carbon society for a sustainable future.

Sustainability initiatives

To break the energy curve and create greener network infrastructure in their operating countries, Ekow Nelson, Vice President and Head of the Global Customer Unit for e& at Ericsson Middle East and Africa, said they would investigate various sustainability initiatives working with e&. They are confident that e& will be able to lessen its environmental impact and handle the anticipated increase in data traffic using the least amount of energy possible thanks to the Global Product Take-Back programme and creatively sustainable 5G solutions like the intelligent RAN energy-saving software features.

As part of the group’s participation at COP27, e& has become the first private sector member of the UAE Independent Climate Change Accelerators; this shows that e& is committed to ESG, which stands for environment, society, and governance. Being there with other thought leaders focused on sustainability strengthens e&’s strategic position as a driving force that encourages other corporations and organisations to play a big part in helping UAE reach its goal of net zero emissions by 2050.

About e&

Since 1976, they have been at the forefront of bringing new technologies to new people and places. Initially operating as the telephone company for the Emirates, e& is now a technology and investment group.

About Ericsson

Ericsson is one of the most prominent suppliers of communication and Information Technology (ICT) to service providers. Developing game-changing technology and services that are simple to use and scale enables the full value of connectivity and helps their customers succeed in a fully connected world.

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